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Nikki Rose & Main Black
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Nikki Rose & Main Black25 ansProElectroAvec contrôleur, Bars Pubs Restaurants, Corporate Party, Private Party

Nikki Rose & Main Black - Two brothers who love to DJ and Produce Music, the duo were born in Paris, Nikki Rose in 1993 and Main Black in 1996. Since they started to DJing, they immediatly had an incredible success, their DJs skills are professionnals and originals, an explosive mixture of melodic commercial house and driving energetic electro house with elements of popular tracks, makes the peoples dance from the beginning till the very end of their sets.

The brothers are also very complementary when they are on show, Nikki Rose has an incredible talent using the microphone to rave a crowd and get it to a higher level. When they are on Stage, they sometimes can mix other famous different styles turning around an explosive mixture with EDM.

The duo is now preparing a first album, that gonna be release in 2019, of course we will not stop hearding from them.

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